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Should You Buy Or Build A Log Home?

Many people want a log home, but cannot decide if they should buy one or build one. There are many great reasons to do both, and it mostly depends on your personal abilities, budget and desires.
Young people have totally different capabilities and needs than older people, for example. Young people are often low on cash, full of energy and somewhat idealistic, strong and willing to do nearly anything to achieve a dream. In fact, I remember buying a little house in a valley in Wisconsin and having unlimited energy to fix it up.
Now that I am older, much older, I certainly do not have the drive or strength to start with a building project. Besides, my arms are damaged from years of mold polishing and cranking handles as a plastic injection mold maker. I've been doing this since 1975, which is starting to seem like a very, very long time ago.
Older people have less energy, but usually more money. They also have hopefully gained a lot of common sense and wisdom over the years, though that seems to vary from person to person. For this reason, it makes sense for them to oversee a project such as building a log home.
Log homes in Alaska
When I was in Alaska, as a young, strong man with a small family, I applied for a job with a man from Minnesota who build log homes with little more than a chain saw. This sounds like they would be crude and simple, but actually they were rather nice. Plus, they were very easy to heat with wood.
The main floor had a great room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, storage and entry way. Upstairs was a typical loft, except that it was more than a basic rectangle. The sides were sort of wrapped around the walls on either side to provide just a little more space and an extra touch of design. This broke up the potentially monotonous boxy look of your basic cabin-like structure.
Build it yourself
Buying a your own special place can be a real experience. On the one hand, you can do this on the cheap, or you can invest as much money as you wish. One person I know managed to find a place in Russia that sold some nice little cabin like places for an unbelievably low price.
Personally, I prefer to buy locally whenever I can. Where I live there are so many trees that it would make no sense at all to buy logs from Canada, Russia or Montana. True, we don't have gigantic pine trees or cedar tress suitable for logging, but who needs those anyway?
Timber Frame dream home
My dream is to own a timber frame house on a few acres in Vermont. We could raise a few chickens, some sheep, have large vegetable garden, flowers all over and lots of interesting stone work. It would be wonderful to finally be able to heat with wood again and be more independent of the propane and oil giants. Fracking is not something I want to support, though I currently use propane for all my energy needs.

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